Nigerian Content Policy

Thasious maintains a local / Nigerian content policy aimed at:

  • Encouraging the transfer of knowledge/technology and local content development that relies as much as possible on deployment of local (Nigerian) manpower, with a view to ensuring that more Nigerians can aspire to senior management and technical positions.

  • Executing all projects in-country when practicable.

  • Identifying and implementing technology transfer/training for Nigerian personnel at the facilities of accredited private and government bodies in line with regulations in our industry for re-fresher or in-depth technical training.

  • Deploying state-of-the-art technology and modules for efficient service delivery.

  • Co-operating with clients, government, partners and other indigenous organizations to promote local content.

  • Training of Nigerian employees and local content developments.

  • Attending and participating at seminars, workshops, conferences, and presentations organized by international and indigenous organizations, relevant to the development of local content.

  • Protecting the environment, and respect for human and social rights of employees and contribution to local economic development.

  • Facilitating the development of Nigerian content, through collaboration with other indigenous Nigerian companies to deliver training on advanced Ports Operations, and Transportation.

  • Working closely with local communities to successfully deliver projects.

  • Providing community related projects and youth development in the local communities where we work.

Our local content policy is geared towards growing the local economy and local capacity development, including empowerment of our own employees. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all Thasious employees including senior management.